Family & Community Engagement

Schools, parents, and the community should work together to promote the health, well-being and learning of all students. When schools actively involve parents and engage community resources they are able to respond more effectively to the health-related needs of students.

Family and Community Involvement

Family and community involvement fosters partnerships among schools, families, community groups and individuals. These partnerships result in sharing and maximizing resources. And they help children and youth develop healthy behaviors and promote healthy families. Research shows that parent engagement and linking community activities to the classroom:

  • Positively impacts academic achievement
  • Reduces school suspension rates
  • Improves school-related behaviors

Parent FAQs & Education and Career Resources

The Parent FAQs provides information and links to common parent questions.

The RI RESOURCE HUB will connect RI adults to education and career resources.

Title I Programs

Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 is a federal effort to improve the academic achievement of all students, particularly those living in poverty and those who are at risk of not meeting performance standards. Schools participating in Title I are required to have specific programs, activities and procedures for involving parents.

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